Настроение ноябрь


nastroenie-noyabr-2015-1 nastroenie-noyabr-2015-2 nastroenie-noyabr-2015-3 nastroenie-noyabr-2015-4 nastroenie-noyabr-2015-5 nastroenie-noyabr-2015-6 nastroenie-noyabr-2015-7 nastroenie-noyabr-2015-8 nastroenie-noyabr-2015-9 nastroenie-noyabr-2015-10 nastroenie-noyabr-2015-11 nastroenie-noyabr-2015-12 nastroenie-noyabr-2015-13 nastroenie-noyabr-2015-14 nastroenie-noyabr-2015-15 nastroenie-noyabr-2015-16 nastroenie-noyabr-2015-17 nastroenie-noyabr-2015-18

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5 Responses to Настроение ноябрь

  1. Very beautiful pictures, the photographer is very sensitive and the pictures are pure art! I liked one in particular and some clothes as well — elegant and feminine!

  2. Gil Zetbase:

    Amazing pictures!
    Have a nice evening!
    Photographer Gil Zetbase

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